Create GIF animations online. Make a GIF from photos.

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    How do I make a GIF (video animation) from images?

    • Select images. Click the upload button and select as many images as you want. You can always add more images later!
    • If you need to change the order of the images. Drag and drop the selected images until they are in the correct order.
    • Adjust settings. Adjust the frame refresh rate until the animation in the preview looks the way you want it to.
    • Click the "Generate GIF" button.
    • Wait for the end of the generation
    • Click the link to download the result.


    What can I do with this service?

    You can make videos from multiple images you have, create your own animations from your own creative drawings or images, or stitch together frames you've extracted from videos. Limitless possibilities! Our service will help you create videos from images with no limits.

    What image formats can I download?

    Currently, PNG, JPEG and GIF images are supported.

    Can I create a GIF from a single photo?

    Briefly, no. This service can only merge your images into one file and thus create an animation. If you are just in the process of learning how to create an animation, read the article on Wikipedia about it.

    What happens if I try to use images of different sizes?

    For any animation, the best solution is to use images of the same size, so you can control the process yourself and get the expected result.
    If you can't resize all the frames yourself, the script on the server will do it this way: each frame will be set to a specified size so that no margins are left and then each frame will be cropped to a specified height and width. Thus the edges of some images (which have different aspect ratio - height/width) will be lost, but the center will remain completely.

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